Interview with Q-BiK. 30th January 2010.

In Music on January 30, 2010 at 4:29 pm

I speak to New Zealand’s very own big-hitting Perth-based drum n’ bass producer and DJ, Q-BiK, ahead of his tour of Britain and Europe: a follow-up to the air-time his work has received on BBC Radio One, Kiss FM and 1xtra.

Cheers for talking to us Q-BiK. How was 2009 on a personal level?

2009 was a big year for me and a lot of positive things happened. My first couple of twelve inch records came out. I’ve also been fortunate enough to also receive some awesome support on the airwaves with the likes of Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Nerm and D-Code on BBC Radio One and Electro East as well as 1XTRA with Crissy Criss. My first 12 inch (‘My House’) got play listed on Triple J: Australia’s version of Radio One. ‘It was also licensed to Dnb Arena’s ‘Summer Selection’ compilation which was quite an achievement for my first twelve inch. Since then things have really picked up internationally.

You went on a tour of Asia over November: Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Singapore. How was it? How do you find the clubs and crowds out there?

Asia was amazing! All those cities had their own special vibe to it, and I’d go back there in a heart beat. The crowds were dedicated and varied in each place but, Shanghai was definitely the stand out in terms of numbers and vibe with five hundred-plus. The Clubs I played at were outstanding on all levels, and had awesome atmospheres.

A lot of the stuff you play is classic drum n’ bass: Sub Focus, DJ Marky, Brookes Brothers. Who has influenced you over the last ten years?

I have such a broad range of influences in drum n’ bass and hate pigeon holing dnb which is really where it is these days, but to me it’s all just drum n’ bass. I just take what I like from it and wrap it all up into one! So I’ll keep it short. Some of the artists that I’ve taken inspiration from are: Total Science, Brookes Brothers, J-Majik, Break, High Contrast, Dilinja, Fresh, Marcus Intalex, Ed Rush & Optical, Sub Focus, Commix, S.P.Y, DC Breaks, Logistics and many more.

How do you think your material has evolved since you started out?

I think my music will always be evolving. I feel like a painter with a blank canvas who knows exactly what he wants to paint in his head and is able to go and do it without a problem. In other words: being able to translate what’s in my head musically and reproduce it in the studio. I think my production has certainly improved over the years, and my music is finally becoming my true expression.

Give us a basic lowdown of the Electro East mix you made for the BBC. Some interesting stuff in there… Filthy Dukes, the Prodigy, Evil Nine.

I was asked by Nerm to do a mix for them as he had been playing a bunch of my tunes for a while. I gladly obliged and put together a mix of my own material covering my areas of production from the dance floor stuff and the heavier stuff to the liquid and deeper end as well. As I have so many influences and take inspiration from so many genres, I quite often like a good dnb remix and the remixes floating about around the time of the mix were really good representations of what I like and my sound.

How would you describe your sound and style in just five words or less?

Future soul (you heard it here first!)

You’re gonna be hitting up Europe over the spring: the UK, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Estonia… looking forward to it? Any cities particular you can’t wait to play?

To be honest, I am just excited to be finally making the holy pilgrimage to Britain and Europe. It’s been a long time goal and dream of nearly ten years to get the chance to play over there, so I’m just really happy to be making it out and getting to play some amazing places and clubs for some great promoters. But if I had to mention a few they would be: Stealth Bombers in Antwerp, Vienna with the Disaszt and the Mainframe crew, WODB in Estonia, Enschede in Holland and the INSTINCT events in the UK.

Australia and New Zealand sometimes feel a bit out of the loop musically… would you say this is true in terms of drum n’ bass, techno and breaks?

Not at all, and I feel NZ and Australia are now in many ways leading the pack, and are a hot bed for some of the best new talent coming through worldwide in many genres.

Anyone in Australia and NZ you think could make it in 2010?

There are some great up and coming producers in NZ and Australia making some serious progress. Watch out for Borderline from NZ in 2010 and my boy SEB who has some massive talent, and will be dropping some big tunes in 2010.

What can we expect to hear from you over the next year? Any new releases or collaborations?

I have a couple of things lined up for KG’s label Talking Beatz and Cutterz Choice as well as some serious interest from a couple of bigger labels (who I can’t name), on some of the new tunes in progress. I have also worked with talented UK vocalist Cat Knight who has worked with the likes of Matrix and Futurebound, DC BREAKS and Camo and Krooked. This yeah, collaboration-wise, myself and Seeka will continue to put out some bits together. NC-17 recently got in touch and we are going to do a tune or 2 this year, as well and DP & Promenade from Italy on Chronic Recs. That’s about me until mid year. The aim this year is to sign and touch down firmly on one of the bigger labels and progress my production. Quality over quantity. Watch Out!

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